Watch cars arriving in Ithaca and St. Louis on the Old US 27 Motor Tour of Aug. 24, 2017:

One of the neat things about small town airports is that they occasionally have a “Fly-In” and serve lunch to hungry pilots who come in from as far as 200 miles away. This footage was shot during a fly-in at the Gratiot Community Airport near Alma on Aug. 6, 2017. The P-51 Mustang replica is 80 percent of the real Mustang and powered by a Honda engine (which is real quiet, as you’ll hear). The orange plane is a Kitfox IV flown by a senior citizen. Two fellows from the Flint area flew in separately in vintage Cessna 150s. (A ’75 and a ’68.) One of the men is 86 and has been flying since age 17.

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