Gratiot County Republican Party 

Meeting Minutes for 10/11/2018 

Meeting called to order 6:25 p.m. 

Prayer led by Cora Goldman 

Pledge of Allegiance; Introductions 

Mike Cox motions to begin discussion on agenda Diantha Hicks seconded. 

Secretary’s Report- Raised questions of the falsehoods of political advertising through out MI; Discussed the need to vote against Proposal 2; Passed out Jan Bunting email on Gratiot County Wind; motion to approve Secretary’s September meeting minutes made by Mike Cox, seconded by Steve Salisbury 

Treasurer’s Report-  Account balance as of meeting was $5,492.77, which is high because the $900 check to John James campaign had not been cashed yet. The working balance is $4,592.77. Since the last meeting, checks were written for John James campaign for T-shirts ($100), Charter Communications for internet service ($79.97) and the aforementioned $900 James for Senate check. All but the $900 check have been cashed. Ralph Echtinaw made a $241 deposit Tuesday that breaks down like this: $100 check from Roger Cook for dues. $50 money order from John Reynolds (a straight donation). $86 in cash from donations jar. $5 cash dues for Sara Vasquez. 

Social Media Update: 433 likes on our Facebook page. (Up from 423 in September.) / 181 followers on Twitter. (Down from 182 since September.) 

Elected Officials Report- State Senator Jim Lower visited during the GCRP open house event before this meeting. 

Committee Report- Diantha Hicks read the GCRP Fund Allocation Committee report. This report provided a breakdown of the $3,000.00 the Gratiot County Republicans gave in this election cycle. 

Vice Chair Report- Chuck Murphy has done a great job running election headquarters! Something worth noting which he has noticed is that the enthusiasm from Trump Republicans and John James campaign is encouraging numbers if voters to vote straight GOP. Chuck has asked for poll watchers for election day operations, EDO. These EDO activities involve poll watching, working phone banks, as well as other duties as needed. Dakota Cook from the GOP 4th district stresses members of GCRP should travel to the Isabella County location. Webinars were offered Tuesdays at 6pm and Thursday at 7. 

GCRP Campaign Headquarters is open on Halloween, October 31st. There was also a Fall Festival Trunk-or-Treat event on October 25th. Steve Salisbury made a motion for $100 of funding to purchase candy and other supplies for these events, Mike Cox seconded this motion. Motion passed. 

At the time of this October meeting, the date to apply for absentee ballots had passed. See the county clerk for more details please. 

SaturDays of Action have been ran by John Lemmermann and Chuck Murphy. You could use the RedDialler and Advantage apps to make phone calls and go door to door . 

Chairman’s Report on New Business- There were two Debate watch events held here at the GCRP Campaign Headquarters. Facebook posts for event were displayed as: October 12th and 24th for Schuette v Witmer and October 14th for James v Stabenow. Art reinforced the importance of building synergy at the headquarters by holding events. This helps bring attention to the Campaign Headquarters. John Lemmermann gave an update on Phil Troyer’s progress in rebuilding the GCRP website. 

Election Night, November 6th there will be an event to watch results together at the Campaign Headquarters. The November meeting will be held during this time. 

Art made a motion to adjournment, seconded by John Lemmermann. Motion passed. 

Meeting Adjourned at 7:37pm.