Help us improve the Republican party

By Ralph Echtinaw

Lately I’ve been contacting folks who picked up yard signs at Gratiot Republican campaign headquarters last fall and left an email address.

I’m telling them about the new and improved Gratiot Republican web site, Facebook page and Twitter account and promoting our Wednesday, Aug. 16, meeting at which state senator and candidate for governor Patrick Colbeck is scheduled to speak.

I’ve sent the message to 103 people (one at a time) and received no response, which makes me wonder why folks are reluctant to get involved with the political party of their choice.

If you have any idea why that would be, please comment below. Until then, I’ll speculate.

I suspect many people who generally vote Republican have no great love for the Republican party. They see politics as a dirty business and suspect all politicians of being opportunists willing to say whatever it takes to be elected and re-elected.

To them, the Republican party is composed of Republican office-holders, and the rest of us are merely minions who do their bidding.

That may be true to some extent but doesn’t have to be true to any extent. All politicians need like-minded, less famous fellow travelers to keep them in line. That’s where rank-and-file Republicans at state and local levels come into play.

What Republican voters might not see is that, as members of the Republican party, they can do their bit to change the party for the better, to make sure our Republican office holders walk the walk as well as they talk the talk.

The Republican Party IS it’s membership. If there’s something you don’t like about the party, join the club. Every member has a problem or two with the general tilt of things within the party. But it’s up to us to work together to change the party for the better.

So stop complaining and do something about aspects of Republican politics you dislike. Join the Gratiot County Republicans and get started. You won’t meet a group of nicer people who share most of your political views.

Ralph Echtinaw is a St. Louis resident, St. Louis city council candidate, business owner and webmaster of this web site.

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