All photos by Ralph Echtinaw. Click on any photo to see a larger version.

Grain elevator east of Breckenridge.

Spooky old house in St. Louis.

County building with clocks that disagree.

Wheat harvesting south of Ithaca.

Barn on Washington between Winans and Luce.

Barn on Washington near Pingree.

Barn on Pingree north of Buchanan.

Barn on Meridian south of Ederer.

Half a barn on Washington east of Wisner.

Barn on Pierce west of Alger.

Barn on Jefferson east of Rich.

Barn on State north of Johnson.

Barn on Woodbridge south of Pierce.

Barn 10 on Ransom north of Jackson.

Pompeii Bar

Happy Hour Bar in Bannister.

Monument in St. Louis.

Les’s Rest Area on M57 near Ashley.